Luxury French Brand “Christofle” Creates High-End Customer Experience and Modernizes Business Processes with Magic xpi

Christofle is a high-end goldsmith and tableware company specializing in exceptional table art, refined jewelry and home accessories since 1830. The luxury brand takes great pride in the quality of the pieces they provide their clientele and was seeking the same level of quality for their customer experience. 

 “To perfect the relationship with our customers and satisfy a high level of requirement, we had to improve the communication between our businesses!” – Caroline Roy, Chief Information and Technology Officer.

Maintaining Product Information Fresh

The Christofle team knew that in order to improve their customer experience, product information available to customers would have to be as fresh and accurate as possible. To reach this goal, they had to make sure orders and resupply requests being placed into Microsoft Dynamics 365 by stores selling their items were quickly transmitted to their JD Edwards ERP, which manages orders and shipments. The order status had to then be transmitted from their ERP to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Following this update, information of central and in-store inventory stored in Microsoft Dynamics 365 would then have to be synchronized with their eCommerce system, Magento, to display accurate product availability on their website. 

Due to the nature of the task at hand, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Caroline Roy, quickly realized developing these integrations in-house would take too much time and only allow for a couple synchronizations per day between stores, warehouses, and their management system. Christofle needed a robust integration platform to ensure a reliable data exchange and process synchronization between Microsoft Dynamics 365, their Oracle JD Edwards ERP system, and Magento. 

Delivering a Personalized Experience

In addition to maintaining accurate product information on their website, Christofle wanted to leverage order history to create targeted marketing campaigns with personalized messaging to further improve customer experience. This, however, required yet another integration, one between their system of record and SPLIO, their marketing platform.

After consulting with their trusted advisor, Groupe Calliope, Magic xpi was introduced as the best solution to their integration needs. The ease of use of the scalable integration platform combined with the expertise of Magic’s integration team, made Magic xpi stand out against all other options.  Having a tool like Magic xpi would allow the Christofle team to use their time on other projects, and cut development costs in half. 

After an onsite demonstration highlighting the efficiency and benefits of the platform, Christofle quickly chose Magic xpi to implement the necessary changes. 

A High-End Customer Experience

Following the successful and quick implementation of their integrations, the luxury brand’s customers now receive a customer experience that lives up to Christofle quality standards. 

Information available in-store is now as accurate as possible, with synchronizations happening 5 times a day instead of 2. This change has improved customer service and commercial efficiency, reduced errors, increased inventory accuracy, and given Christofle more flexibility to respond to changes.  The Magic xpi Integration Platform has also enabled Christofle to maintain product information on their website accurately, as well as use order history to create a personalized customer experience. 

Additionally, the Christofle team has leveraged Magic xpa, Magic Software’s low-code platform, to create a custom inventory management application on an android terminal equipped with a scanner. The application, used in stores all over the world, makes it possible to manage store inventories simply and works in unconnected areas. Coupled with Magic xpi, Christofle’s new application is helping them maintain product information as accurately as possible. 

Most importantly, the Christofle team can now focus their time on other projects, and will continue to ensure a customer experience worthy of their clientele. 



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