Magic xpi Creates High-End Customer Experience and Modernizes Business Processes for Luxury French Brand Christofle


Christofle is a high-end goldsmith and tableware company specializing in exceptional table art, refined jewelry and home accessories since 1830. As digital transformation trends grow and consumers embrace online purchasing, the company sought to improve the quality of customer experience in online transactions. 

“To perfect the relationship with our customers and satisfy a high level of requirement, we had to improve the communication between our businesses!”
Caroline Roy, Chief Information and Technology Officer.


Christofle required that orders placed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 by stores selling their products be quickly transmitted to their JD Edwards ERP (which manages orders and shipments), and that the order status be transmitted from the JD Edwards ERP to Microsoft Dynamics 365. The company also sought to display accurate product availability on their website and leverage order history and trends for targeted marketing campaigns with personalized messages. To achieve this, they needed to synchronize their central, in-store inventory (stored in Microsoft Dynamics 365) with their eCommerce system (Magento), and integrate between their system of record and their SPLIO marketing platform. Evaluations determined that in-house development of such integrations would be expensive and time-consuming, and that a robust integration platform was required.

Christofle selected Magic xpi as the best solution for their integration needs. An easy-to-use and scalable integration platform, it includes a JD Edwards connector which ensures fast and reliable data exchange and process synchronization between Microsoft Dynamics 365, their JD Edwards ERP, and Magento. 

Following the successful and fast implementation of the required integrations, Magic xpi has enabled Christofle to improve customer service and deliver a superior customer experience, including the use of order history and trends to create a personalized customer experience. 

“Magic’s integration team are very experienced and their platform is easy to use. This greatly affected our bottom line – saving money, time and resources – reducing our development costs by 50%.” 

Furthermore, with the success of the Magic xpi integration, Christofle also invested in Magic’s low-code platform, Magic xpa, to create a custom inventory management application on an android terminal equipped with a scanner. The application, used in stores worldwide, including in unconnected areas, makes the management of store inventories simply. Coupled with Magic xpi, it supports Christofle in maintaining product information as accurately as possible. 


  • High-end customer experience that attracts customers and lives up to Christofle’s quality standards. 
  • Accurate online data synchronized 5 times a day, improving customer service and commercial efficiency, reducing errors, increasing inventory accuracy, and enabling more flexibility in response to changes.
  • More accurate customer activity data enabling the creation of a personalized customer campaigns based on trends and behaviors.
  • Better and simpler management of store inventories with a customized inventory management app used worldwide, even in unconnected areas.
  • Elimination of costly and time-consuming in-house development cycles, leaving the Christofle team free to focus on other projects. 

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