Integrate Systems Easily.
Consolidate Data Efficiently.

Integrate and consolidate your manufacturing data across multiple sites to improve scheduling, production, deliveries and more

Business Process Automation

Seamlessly connect all of your digital manufacturing systems and automate critical business processes across eCommerce, PLM, SCM, ERP, CRM and more

Manufacturing Optimization

Rapidly improve your operational efficiency and warehouse management by integrating your digitized operations to achieve industry 4.0 manufacturing

Customer View

Increase your organization’s ROI by gaining  visibility into your entire customer funnel, extracting the most valuable insights and enhancing customer experience

Why is integration the future of lean manufacturing?

An integration solution is built to consolidate your digitized manufacturing data and provide a common language between all of your SCM, MES, ERP, CRM and other legacy systems.

Equipped with monitoring and performance management capabilities, teams across your entire manufacturing pipeline are able to communicate efficiently, allowing for continuous optimized scheduling and quicker project deliveries throughout the supply chain.

With unplanned costs eliminated and your overall margins of production ramped up, ROI is increased.


Magic xpi for Manufacturing: Sennheiser

Sennheiser faced the challenge of integrating a new CRM with other systems used in their manufacturing pipeline. Sennheiser selected Magic xpi’s centralized platform to integrate their entire software stack, including legacy, eCommerce, ERP and manufacturing systems (PST, PLM, ECM).

With all data in one place, Sennheiser was then easily able to provide their sales team real-time views of their customer funnels.

Manufacturing Integration Success Stories

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Coca-Cola Sorocaba
Coca-Cola Sorocaba Increases Control Over Production with Integration Project Based on Magic xpi
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Sennheiser Adopts a Sound Approach to Systems Integration
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Marius Tempelmeier Software Developer at sennheiser

“Magic xpi uses the same parts, same methodology, to connect to every system that we have.”

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