Cleveland Executive Forum Hosted by FactoryEye Explores the Secrets of Industry 4.0

  • May 18, 2022

United States manufacturers are at an important crossroads for innovation. Technology is accelerating at an incredible pace and mid-sized manufacturers must modernize operations to stay competitive. Real-time actionable data from machines is the most valuable ‘currency’ for modern manufacturers by helping them remain agile, implement sustainable practices and increase efficiency across production lines. 

In tandem, the manufacturing workforce is dramatically changing, with nearly 2.4 million existing workers set to retire within five years while two million manufacturing jobs are being created in the same time frame. Without a change, a five-million-person job deficit is predicted by the end of the decade. So, in addition to updating technology, manufacturers must look for ways to attract a younger workforce to fill labor gaps. Smart technology can help equip and empower the next generation workforce.


Cleveland Manufacturing Leaders

In response to this industry need, FactoryEye North America, a division of Magic Software Enterprises Ltd, has been hosting an innovative series of in-person seminars to discuss how manufacturing peers can navigate smart factory initiatives. The latest seminar was at the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, Ohio and included industry powerhouses such as, Manufacturing Works, Tech-Clarity, Feyen Zylstra, and Bennit. Cleveland is home to nearly 8,000 manufacturers and is one of the most sought-after states for reshoring efforts, so FactoryEye considered it the perfect location for a thoughtful discussion on how to tackle modern industry issues.

At this event, FactoryEye showcased their Industry 4.0 prowess and discussed best practices for manufacturers implementing their own smart manufacturing solutions. At this exclusive event, the industry panel of experts discussed important topics such as: how sustainability affects your bottom line, tips for obtaining project financing, ways to attract millennials to your workforce, and how to brace for the impact of the silver tsunami of workers leaving manufacturing.


Jim Brown, President and Founder of Tech-Clarity, kicked off this event as the key-note speaker and shared a recent research study outlining benefits that manufacturers can gain from smart manufacturing solutions. Brown illustrated how larger manufacturers have been embracing Industry 4.0 ideals and technologies for some time, but now is time for mid-sized manufacturers to adopt these techniques.

The star-studded panelists, Jake Hall – the Manufacturing Millenial (Feyen Zylstra), Mike Yost (Bennit), Ken Patsey (Manufacturing Works), Kausik Dasgupta (FactoryEye), and John Keyes (Feyen Zylstra) hosted interesting discussions with Cleveland manufacturers participating in the conference. This was followed by breakout sessions:

  • ‘Technology Will Not Save Manufacturing, Manufacturers Will’
  • ‘How to Attract the Next Workforce with Automation and Digital Solutions’
  • ‘Sustainability & The Smart Manufacturing Imperative’
  • ‘Data Lakes – Why Should I Care? They are not a nice-to-have but a must-have for manufacturers’

An Eye for the Future

“I was really excited to be invited by FactoryEye to this event, it is one of those unique events where they’ve brought together manufacturers and talked about the financial perspective, things that manufacturers need to drive smart manufacturing forward,” said Jim Brown, President of Tech-Clarity. “I think manufacturers actually have too much data, and the real problem is how manufacturers can gain access to those data streams. Partners like FactoryEye are helping with that.

FactoryEye’s passion for spreading smart manufacturing insights through its Strategic Partner Program and in-person seminars is not slowing down. FactoryEye’s commitment to smart manufacturing initiatives for mid-sized manufacturers will continue across the United States, bringing Industry 4.0 knowledge to a new generation of workers.

“FactoryEye is there to help, no matter what stage a manufacturer is at, or what equipment they have on their floor,” said Ken Patsy, President and Executive Director of Manufacturing Works. “We’re big believers of learning and sharing ideas, and we find that companies like helping each other out, so we facilitate that.”

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