Magic xpa's
Web Application Framework

Ready to take your apps into the future?

You can now easily create highly-responsive business apps powered by Angular to provide a rich user experience and meet the increasingly complex enterprise business expectations for digital transformation. 


diagram showing Magic xpi integration platform endpoints

With just a few steps, you’ll be ready to go:

1. In the Magic Studio, you define your business logic.

2. Then just click on a button to generate Angular code using the Magic Converter.

3. Your Angular code is now ready-to-use and is easily customizable. 

4. Your screens can now be updated using HTML and CSS in any design tool.

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Angular Apps at Your Fingertips

Easily create apps with the technologies you know and love: Magic, HTML and CSS


Magic and Angular: The Perfect Fit

By working with Magic to develop your Angular applications, you benefit from the best of both worlds by defining the business logic in Magic and developing the presentation using the Angular code.


Great UIs for a Great User Experience

You can easily create new, intuitive and modern screens for your apps without having to design the screens yourselves. You can let Web designers handle this part of the application, freeing you up to do what you do best. 


Manageable Large Scale Angular Applications

Large scale apps that are a sore point when working with Angular, are no longer a problem when working with Magic’s Web application framework. With the Web application framework, even creating an SPA app with thousands of screens is easy.  


Great Apps at the Speed of Magic

With the speed of development with Magic’s Web application framework, you’ll be able to eliminate many lines of Angular code, letting you quickly get your apps to market.


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