Group Offering


Software and Applications

Backed by 30 years of experience, Magic Group's powerful and versatile enterprise-grade software solutions let customers develop, deploy and integrate mobile, on-premise and cloud-based buisiness applications quicklly and cost effectively.

Our product offering includes Magic xpa, an application platform for developing and deploying business applications; AppBuilder, an application platform for building, deploying, and maintaining high-end, mainframe-grade business applications; and Magic xpi, a platform for application integration. These products enable our customers to improve their business performance and return on investment by supporting the affordable and rapid delivery and integration of business applications, systems and databases. 

We also provide software solutions targeted to specific verticals, including:

  • Pilat’s Human Capital Management application development platform for the creation of custom HCM solutions that support unique processes, cultures and business requirements.
  • Hermes Logistics Technologies’ complete air cargo management system for real-time tracking and management of air cargo handling, documentation and communications, streamlining processes and increasing throughput for air cargo handlers around the world.
  • FTS telecom billing solutions: Convergent billing, charging, policy control and payment solutions, helping telecom, MVNO, content, payment and M2M & IoT service providers manage complex transactions and relationships with greater flexibility and independence.




Project Integration

Magic Group provides enterprises and government organizations with a full range of integration services and solutions for expert planning, management, and implementation of highly complex and customized IT and communications projects.

Our integration services include:

  • Infrastructure design and delivery: Management and consulting services for complex, tailor-made infrastructure projects for telecom, municipalities and others, including wireless and wireline projects.
  • Technology consulting and implementation services: Planning and execution of end-to-end, large-scale, complex solutions for networking, cyber security, command & control and other high performance transactions systems.
  • Application development: Tailor-made development of on-premise, mobile and cloud applications.




IT Staffing Augmentation

Magic Group provides a wide variety of professional IT outsourcing, placement and recruiting services that enable companies of any size to supplement their technical in-house capabilities.  Our IT Staffing Augmentation solutions serve customers in industries ranging from telecom, engineering, and health care to petrochemical, insurance and finance, including Fortune 1000 companies.