CREED Manages Its Global Data with the Magic xpi Integration Platform

“The Magic xpi Integration Platform has enabled us to synchronize the data of the various global CREED Information Systems. Intuitive and powerful, the tool has accelerated the implementation of the new ERP, helping to stabilize our fast-growing environment.” Emmanuel Schoenberger, ERP Project Consultant at CREED.


Founded in England in 1760 and with a factory built in France in 1864, CREED produces high-end fragrances for men and women. Special ingredients are used such as rose from Bulgaria, jasmine from Italy, tuberose from India, and vetiver from Haiti. These natural raw ingredients are used in a demanding manufacturing process, which includes manual maceration (the process of soaking solid materials in a liquid to extract flavor, scent, or color) performed in a factory in Fontainebleau. CREED has perfume stores in Europe, the United States and Dubai.

The challenge

In 2022, CREED faced the challenge of centralizing the data of its various information systems (IS) in England, France, the United States and the Middle East. “Everything was scattered and uncoordinated: we had two logistics tools, a production tool, an e-commerce tool, another dedicated to expense reports, and a banking interface. There was complexity everywhere,” explains Emmanuel Schoenberger, an independent consultant responsible for the project. “The stark disparity between systems was becoming untenable, and after a few years of very strong company growth, there was a pressing need to streamline the processes. Bringing agility and coherence between these different information systems became urgent.”

The solution

The solution required the deployment of a platform to manage all data flows (BPM/ EAI/ ETL), by collecting and manipulating data from multiple sources.

Objective: convert all data into a format suitable for a Data Warehouse. “Following a recommendation from our integrator, Prodware, CREED decided to make use of Magic Software’s services. The choice, endorsed by CREED’s IT teams has proven to be a very prudent one,” recalls Emmanuel Schoenberger.

Established in 1983, Magic Software provides digital transformation software platforms (development, integration, Industry 4.0, etc.) including the solution implemented at CREED in June 2022. The Magic xpi platform was deployed at CREED in conjunction with the implementation of a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for managing all CREED’s activities (logistics, purchasing, accounting, project management, supply chain operations, etc.).

“Magic xpi helped speed up the implementation of our new ERP, a project led by the integrator partner Prodware. Magic’s solution facilitated harmonized data management, even during a long ERP deployment process that took 6-8 months and involved significant implementation challenges. Despite the challenges, we could always count on the Magic Software teams to help us in the deployment of this new environment which is now complete!” says Emmanuel Schoenberger.

The results

The deployed solution meets the high expectations set by CREED in addressing the challenges it faced facilitating strong growth in a very dynamic international industry.

The Magic xpi integration platform provided CREED with several advantages:

  • Peace of mind for the teams: the solution is intuitive and easy to use on an ongoing basis.
  • Agile deployment: Magic xpi deploys quickly, and its highly scalable learning curve allows people at different levels of expertise to be productive – while they continue to deepen their understanding of how to use the software.
  • An inherent capability to seamlessly integrate a wide range of data streams through its connectors (APIs), facilitating compatibility with all the group’s business applications.
  • Magic xpi’s robust capacity for seamless integration of technological advancements ensures the sustainability of the IT infrastructure.
  • The realization of a comprehensive end-to-end system, encompassing key functions such as production, order management, inventory control, and e-commerce, all harmoniously centered around the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP.

Ultimately, Magic xpi has empowered CREED to seamlessly synchronize data across its global business applications. According to Emmanuel Schoenberger, “Significant benefit lies in our ability to efficiently deploy a user-friendly interface that greatly boosts our skill set.” The tool was particularly instrumental in transforming e-commerce data, thereby enhancing connectivity between systems, and fostering collaboration among CREED’s various teams.

We’ve implemented APIs that effectively coordinate information on a daily basis and optimize the data flow across different business areas. Our objective is to enhance the overall ROI of the company’s digital transformation.”

CREED is taking steps to further streamline its business line processes. Emmanuel Schoenberger outlines their future ambitions with the Magic xpi platform: “Our goal is to enhance our proficiency, gain autonomy, and acquire additional skills to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and drive proactive action. We specifically aim to refine our monitoring processes. To achieve this, we can rely on the service center, a complementary solution provided by Magic Software France, which significantly helps us in managing this transformation.”


About Magic Software

Magic Software, a global provider of innovative solutions for application development and integration with a 38-year track record, plays a pivotal role in helping companies optimize their business processes and foster seamless interactions among various applications, including CRM, ERP, MES, PLM, SCM (Supply-Chain), and more. Operating in over 50 countries, the company boasts a widespread global presence with numerous facilities and maintains strategic alliances with industry-leading software giants like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP. Collaborating closely with these partners, Magic Software aids in the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, ultimately enhancing its customers’ operational efficiency. To support manufacturing SMEs/SMIs in their transition to Industry 4.0, Magic Software has developed an innovative solution known as FactoryEye.

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