Magic’s Middleware Puts You
Right in the Middle of IT

Better manage your technology with our proven middleware solution, letting you enjoy the benefits of orchestrating and automating your business processes

Data Mapping

Instead of complex point-to-point coding, Magic’s intuitive Data Mapper makes it simple to link your systems’ disparate file types, such as XML and JSON


Magic’s certified enterprise connectors make it easy and fast to connect to leading systems, including Salesforce, SAP and Oracle’s JD Edwards

Data Grid

Robust performance with 24/7 availability and elastic scalability for handling spikes in data volumes and eliminating unplanned and unwanted downtimes

Stick with us and we’ll glue IT all together

Middleware acts as the glue for your IT architecture, orchestrating all of your business processes and software from one central place.

A middleware layer lets you upgrade your ERP, eCommerce or any other system without having to upgrade the integration itself. Since all of the systems operate independently, when changing one system or if one of the systems is down, the other systems are not affected, because the middleware just keeps on doing its job.


Middleware helps with challenging integrations

Magic’s middleware solution means that you don’t have to deal with difficult integrations and optimization behind the scenes. You get to focus on automating your most valuable data, business processes and applications with 24/7 availability, to advance your business.

We couldn’t say it better than one of our satisfied customers:

“This code-free, drag and drop middleware allows a much faster integration lifecycle. We love the visual data mapper and the prebuilt adapters. Excellent reliability and easy maintenance.”

Beth Koehl, Salesforce Platform Manager at Superior Industries

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