Aplix: Accelerating to Industry 4.0 with FactoryEye

  • July 22, 2021

Over the last 60 years, Aplix has become a global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative hook & loop fastening systems used in personal care, automotive, aircraft, packaging, healthcare and many other industries. In line with its slogan of ‘Fastening the Future!’- the Aplix team needed a way to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), quality, and profits by digitizing the production floor. 

Up until recently, the only true Industry 4.0 solutions for manufacturers were tailor-made for the largest global manufacturers. This has now changed with new solutions like FactoryEye that focus on the success of mid-size manufacturers. FactoryEye is designed as a “plug and play” solution specifically for mid-sized manufacturers. This encouraged Aplix to select the FactoryEye Industry 4.0 solution for its two US production facilities near Charlotte, North Carolina. Aplix is an international group with headquarters in France and six production plants in the United States, France, Brazil and China as well as sales offices and agents around the world.

The FactoryEye solution was selected because it supported Aplix while helping them achieve notable performance gains in 90-day sprints. During the first 90-day sprint, Aplix will gain access to OEE KPIs (key performance indicators), enabling them to better focus efforts to make incremental changes on the factory floor. To support these sprints Aplix is utilizing a certified FactoryEye connector to the JD Edwards ERP system. FactoryEye experts are helping Aplix achieve a significant ROI by scrutinizing machine availability, energy consumption, cycle time, efficiency, and production quality. 


Aside from production itself, Aplix and FactoryEye align on values such as:

  • Embracing A Culture of Innovation: Aplix has focused on innovation for over 60 years and the FactoryEye solution is helping their team continue this as a strategic priority with smart analytics.
  • Striving Toward Excellence: Aplix values engaging in a process of continuous improvement to achieve its goals and FactoryEye helps accomplish this with its innovative solution. 
  • Promoting Respect: Aplix and FactoryEye believe in cultivating an environment where everyone is treated fairly and with dignity on the production floor. Smart technology provides employees with AI-driven tools, enabling greater awareness on how their efforts impact production.
  • Quality Commitments: Aplix prioritizes customers’ full satisfaction in item quality and the FactoryEye solution increases quality control to reduce the production of faulty products.


FactoryEye is honored to be working with a prestigious global manufacturer such as Aplix. FactoryEye’s goal has been to provide a platform for Aplix to increase productivity while continuously improving its manufacturing process.

Over the past couple years, FactoryEye has demonstrated its capability for continuous improvement with European customers. Prior to onboarding, FactoryEye can demonstrate projected ROI based on actual numbers from your factory floor and what length of sprints, such as 30-day or 90-day, would be most beneficial to your company. FactoryEye manufacturing experts take a more measured approach to Industry 4.0 by pinpointing the biggest pain points in the manufacturing process and addressing them. Since FactoryEye’s team truly understands the manufacturing process and are able to suggest effective, real-world solutions to increase production efficiency. FactoryEye channels machine learning and JD Edwards data to deliver real-time actionable intelligence for mid-sized manufacturers.


To Find Out More About the FactoryEye Solution

If you are a mid-sized manufacturer and would like to find out more about FactoryEye then please reach out on our website and you will hear from our team shortly. We cannot wait to show you the benefits your team can reap from Industry 4.0.


About the Author: As President of FactoryEye by Magic Software Enterprises, Terri Ghio is responsible for the development and implementation of FactoryEye’s overall corporate strategy, business development and strategic partnerships. Ghio has been an invaluable resource in expanding on Magic’s global success and building Magic’s Industry 4.0 solution for mid-sized manufacturers, FactoryEye.

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