SugarCon 2018 Brought Together Pioneering Thinkers: Magic Recap

  • November 2, 2018
  • Magic Software

The excitement was all around SugarCon 2018 as everyone gathered to share innovations and connect. The event was launched by Maribel Lopez (Lopez Research) who accentuates insights on how CRM has leveraged the key to your dynamic business relationships for a successful business model.

Leonard Brody (Clarity Digital Group), continued the series with his keynote on today’s rapid pace of change, innovation, and disruption in both industries and humanity.

On Day 2, the crowd was thrilled to hear David Rowan (WIRED) shared his thoughts on shifting to an innovative mindset and preparing for a future of ever-accelerating change fueled by technology. The theme of the future resonated in each of the keynote speeches as those in attendance left in awe.

As attendees start to filter out of the keynotes, the Magic Software booth was buzzing with our own Ted Brennan, Senior Software Engineer, who inspires those looking to win the data battle as he demonstrates Magic xpi Integration Platform. The presentation of innovation didn’t end there, as the day continued, Ted gave informative demos of our latest Magic xpc, enterprise integration hub in the cloud. An iPaaS platform that helps deliver your business needs to implement digital transformation. Joining the US team from overseas to help answer your questions was our charming German, Stephan Romeder, General Manager Europe & Vice President of Global Business Development.

Magic xpi demo at SugarCon

New to SugarCon this year was an exciting platform to highlight solutions called PitchFest. Brian Pitoniak, Magic Software’s VP of Sales and Operations, posed a rhetorical question: “need to accelerate digital transformation?” With five minutes to give an overview of powerful solutions, Brian explained the alignment of relationship management and the opportunity for powerful digital transformation. Wrapping up the quick presentation, “Digital Transformation starts with and builds upon business integration and process automation. You magically need all your relevant customer information at your fingertips, so what is better to use than Magic xpc full native cloud integration and business process automation solution.”


To learn more about your opportunity for powerful Digital Transformation through integration, click on the links:

Magic xpi – your company can maximize its opportunities in integrating all of your business systems

Magic xpc – For your company’s need for speed, security, and scalability: enterprise integration in the cloud

Magic Software – For all information that will help you unlock the full potential of connecting anything, anywhere

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