Magic xpa Enables Datapass AG to Develop Customized ERP Software that Intelligently Maps Industry-specific Processes


Swiss-based Datapass AG is part of the computer software industry and a provider of intelligent and customized ERP solutions for the meat industry.


Companies in the meat industry need intelligent business software for their specific processes, as well as transparent mapping of the entire supply chain, from animal producers to consumers. As high safety requirements and control mechanisms of the authorities, enormous price pressures and changing consumer behavior force companies to improve their flexibility and efficiency, customized ERP solutions offer the opportunity to deliver lean processes and transparency, optimize production, and improve management. 

“According to our experience in the meat industry, a standard ERP is not sufficient to optimally map the entire supply chain from the producer to the consumer and to fulfil all requirements in the best possible way. The application must also be easy to understand and intuitive for each individual user, from the butcher to the controller.”
David Marmy, IT Project Manager

Datapass sought a development tool that would support them in quickly developing intelligent and customized ERP solutions that meet the demands for compliance with local and international laws and regulations; and deliver complete transparency and mapping of every individual process.


Datapass selected the Magic xpa low-code platform to develop individual and customized ERP solutions with a modular and flexible structure. Streamlining dynamic processes, delivering rich user experiences, and adding value to brand recognition, Magic xpa is quick to create and deploy complex applications. Furthermore, as an enterprise-ready product, it connects and integrates with any existing system in order to utilize relevant internal and external data.

“With Magic xpa we have a modern and future-proof technology with which we are very powerful. It offers us all the necessary tools and structures on which we can base our ERP projects. Magic xpa enables us to develop at a high speed, from which our customers benefit greatly.”
David Marmy, IT Project Manager 

The integration of Magic xpa enables Datapass to quickly and efficiently develop customized ERP solutions for the meat industry that deliver:

  • Complete transparency of all industry-specific processes – from the producer (animal origin) to the consumer (steak on the counter) – including full traceability throughout all stages of the process, quality management and control.
  • Reliable management of enormous quantities and varieties of data, in a range of formats and from multiple sources.
  • Seamless flow of data internally within the company, and through interfaces to external IT systems of authorities and other participants in the service chain, such as procurement, meat processing, production, and sales.
  • Easy and fast mapping of necessary structures, processes and special features of the meat industry.


  • Fast implementation of customized ERP solutions, because Magic xpa is an easy-to-use, low-code tool that bridges the talent gap for highly-skilled developers.
  • Agile and fast development, ensuring that Datapass can deliver a fast time-to-market for all ERP solutions developed for its customers.
  • Investment-proof ERP software providing companies with the necessary complete transparency across all business areas and significantly improving efficiency and quality.
  • Customized software that enables companies to decide on the scope of services and functions of the new ERP solution, and the fast implementation of changes according to new demands or regulations.


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