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Magic’s Company Rebranding

A New Look for a New Age of Magic

The Magic Brand

The Magic brand is much more than simply a logo, an image, or a tagline. It is the embodiment of our commitment to the lasting success of our customers and partners, and of our promise to deliver forward-looking technology solutions with proven quality, agility, and reliability.

Why is Magic Rebranding?

Magic is launching its rebranding as a proactive strategic move to reflect the exciting changes that we are undergoing as a company and the major developments in our product offering. In recent years, Magic has enjoyed significant growth, increasing our customer base and expanding our global presence. In parallel, we have enhanced and enriched our products, adding new capabilities and embracing the technological advances sweeping through the enterprise software industry.

Enterprise mobility and cloud computing are rapidly growing forces in the technology landscape, and Magic is ready to seize the massive business opportunities they present. For this reason, our rebranding has been carefully planned to coincide with the launch of our new, expanded mobile offering for the development, deployment, and integration of mobile enterprise applications on all leading mobile platforms.

Communicating Our Brand

Magic’s rebranding provides a perfect opportunity to highlight our company values, the set of beliefs that guide and inspire us, and serve as key performance indicators (KPIs) for all activities at every level throughout our organization. Our values determine the way we recruit and retain employees, the way we build and promote our product portfolio, and the quality of service and support we provide to our customers and partners.

In developing and defining our core values, we began by understanding the needs of our customers and partners and determining how to articulate what we believe is the unique way that Magic addresses them. The result is the following key brand message:

Magic accelerates business performance with smarter, future-proof technology and close customer collaboration.

This message shapes our organizational culture and serves as the foundation of our core values:

  • Smart: Magic's smarter technology is based on a fresh productive approach, with a total focus on delivering business applications and business value more effectively
  • Forward-looking: Magic's future-proof expertise is based on extensive customer feedback, strong R&D investment, and the mindset to continually think ahead, while ensuring backwards compatibility and continuity for our existing customers.
  • Determined and Open: Magic's strong customer relationships result from our open, collaborative way of working, our flexibility, and our determination to see our customers succeed

For our brand architecture—the framework that defines the relationship between the corporate brand and the product portfolio—Magic has chosen to use the 'master brand' model, focusing more on our company brand (Magic) rather than on the branding assigned to our different products and services. This emphasizes that Magic’s different products are all manifestations of the same unified technology stack and the same fresh approach to enterprise software. Accordingly, we have renamed our products as follows:

  • uniPaaS is now named Magic xpa Application Platform
  • iBOLT is now named Magic xpi Integration Platform

We know that a successful branding (in any industry) can evoke a strong emotional response, and we want to generate a powerful connection between the Magic brand and our customers. Therefore, following extensive consultation with customers and partners, we have designed the look-and-feel of our new brand to reflect our core values and key messaging, while being unique and instantly recognizable. In particular, we have created a logo that is a modern and multidimensional dynamic 3D shape, symbolizing Magic’s flexibility, versatility, and forward-looking creativity. Similarly, we believe that our new tagline, Outperform the Future, succeeds in encapsulating the essence of our key brand message and in asserting our firm commitment to our customers, partners, employees, and investors regarding our vision, technology, and business values.

Magic's rebranding aims to illustrate how all our corporate activity and communications are infused with our core values, differentiating us from competitors, strengthening our relationships with customers, and increasing the popularity of our products and services.