Enterprise Integration

Most enterprises today operate within a heterogeneous IT landscape and are often confronted with the challenge of sharing data and logic across diverse applications, databases, operating systems, and geographies. Depending on their specific industries, enterprises might be required to:

  • Integrate business data between various remote offices and consolidate financial results of different business units with the organization
  • Provide customer service operations with real-time information about customers, previous calls, problem resolutions, order tracking, and more
  • Automate order processing and link product information, inventory adjustments, order processing, credit approvals, and customer discount information to an e-commerce website
  • Meet requirements of other companies in the supply chain for the direct and automatic exchange of data between applications
  • Support business process management (BPM) methods of lifecycle optimization to improve organizational efficiency and performance

Successfully addressing these challenges requires sophisticated yet robust technology. Attempts by enterprise IT departments to manually implement point-to-point integration projects with system-specific solutions frequently backfire, creating an integration environment that is confused, inefficient, non-scalable, and difficult to maintain.

Better business integration solutions implement automated processes using pre-built connectors, and provide platform-agnostic methodology for future-proof interoperability with cloud, mobile, and any other future enterprise technology.

In designing and deploying integration solutions, enterprises need agility and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs, without getting bogged down in complex, time-consuming, costly, and resource-intensive coding.

Magic offers business-ready, out-of-the-box integration solutions that are easily configurable, scalable, and compatible with all standard databases and data management technologies. Magic’s smart, code-free approach enhances business performance, increasing productivity, reducing risk, and ensuring faster time to market.

Magic xpi Business Integration Platform delivers enterprise-grade integration, business process automation, and data synchronization solutions, with comprehensive security and proven reliability. Implementing a wide range of certified and optimized connectors and adaptors, Magic xpi integrates leading ERP, CRM, finance, and other enterprise systems, such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and many more.