Enterprise Mobility


You know that enterprise mobility is the name of the game. But BYOD and the consumerization of IT have changed the rules.

You need to be prepared with a powerful, flexible and cost-effective solution that lets you mobilize, integrate and automate business processes on any mobile platform.

Backed by 30 years of experience enabling enterprises to create and integrate business apps, Magic has put together a powerful and flexible end-to-end enterprise-grade mobility solution that lets IT deliver mobile application projects quickly, securely and cost effectively.

Enterprise Mobility


Magic’s end-to-end enterprise mobility solution addresses all critical enterprise mobility requirements:

  • Integration

    Secure and reliable access to any enterprise data is a top priority, after all what value are business apps without access to enterprise data? With robust, In Memory Data Grid architecture and certified and optimized adapters, Magic provides the integration features and capabilities you need for no-fail, 24/7, real-time connections with your business systems.

  • User Experience

    The mobile user experience is more than the UI. Even if they look good, users won’t tolerate apps that are not intuitive, that crash during peak demand or which are unusable when out of coverage. Magic’s native device clients, advanced Ux features and components, offline support, and robust high availability architecture ensure that your users will enjoy seamless, natural user experiences at all times – online or off, under any use conditions, whenever they need.

  • Speed

    Business departments are pressuring IT to deliver multiple mobile apps quickly, while the rapidly-changing mobile environment means that those apps need to be updated constantly. Magic’s code-free, metadata-based multi-channel solution with prebuilt components and adapters to leading enterprise systems provides IT with a quick and cost-effectively way to meet the fast time-to-market requirements of business managers along with a flexible and future-proof solution that will allow them to adapt and take advantage of new technologies as they develop.

  • Security

    Enterprises need to maintain data security regardless of where the data is located – on the device, in back-end (on premise or cloud). Security is also needed at the application, device, and user levels, along with control policies, enforcement and compliance. Magic’s application and integration platforms feature enterprise-grade encryption, authentication and management capabilities. Together with our MDM tools, we’ve got your security needs covered.

  • Management

    Developing a mobile app is just the beginning. Magic provides IT and business users with comprehensive tools and services to maintain, manage, monitor and control the application, the infrastructure, the devices and the users during all stages of the application lifecycle.

  • Expertise

    Mobile is a completely new beast for enterprises and many IT departments need support for various stages and phases from project definition, planning and development, to design, delivery, and implementation. Through its professional services department, Magic provides expertise and best practices for the entire mobile enterprise app lifecycle.

Everything You Need to Jump Into Mobility Quickly, Securely and Cost-effectively

Magic’s end-to-end enterprise-grade mobility solution combines best-of-breed components to let you mobilize new and existing data-rich business applications on multiple mobile platforms, quickly, easily and securely.

Solution components include:

Magic xpa Application PlatformA highly-productive code-free metadata platform for developing and deploying mobile, Web, SOA and desktop applications. Magic’s complementary Mobile Accelerator Framework including pre-built components based on best practices, further ease and speed mobile app development.

Magic xpi Integration PlatformA comprehensive code-free SOA-based business and process integration suite for integration of diverse applications.

Magic Mobile Device Management Solution: A Mobile Device Management solution for security, centralized monitoring and control, support and policy compliance.

Magic Mobility Professional Services:  Comprehensive enterprise mobility services based on  Magic’s proven methodology and best practices - from requirements and specifications, to implementation, maintenance and training.

Magic Enterprise Mobility Solution illustration

What our customers are saying

“Getting to market quickly with an app that performs well and provides a good user experience on all devices is key to our success.”

~ Ron Holt, CEO of Millennium MusicMedia

“We were already using Magic for our internal sales portal desktop app, thus we were able to create the iPad app with just 20% of the effort required for the previous deployment.”
~ Helmut Haag, Head of IT at Rummel Matratzen

Magic: Helping You Achieve Enterprise Mobility Success

Fast Time-to-Market:

Our code-free highly productive metadata platforms and reusable pre-built mobile app components let you develop, integrate and deploy mobile business apps quickly without changing your existing business systems, so you can meet your launch requirements and deadlines.

Optimized IT Skills and Resources:  

One skill set for all major mobile OS and desktop development. Limited deployment and maintenance efforts required.

Magic’s platforms and tools are optimized for enterprise-grade security, scalability and 24/7 availability, keeping your apps (and your business) running even under the most demanding transaction loads.

Low Risk, Future-Proof, High ROI:
Mobilize quickly without changing your existing infrastructure. And because Magic continuously enhances its products with the latest technologies, you can easily adapt existing apps to meet new market demands. Our powerful and agile platforms and tools can be used for virtually all of your business app needs.

Flexible Pricing Models and Deployments Modes:
Choose the pricing models (subscription and perpetual) and deployment modes (on-premise, cloud, hosted) that best match your needs.

30 Years of Enterprise App Development and Integration Experience: 
There’s no substitute for experience. Our experience in the field means that Magic applies best practices and knows what it takes for IT to deliver a wide variety of mobile app projects quickly, successfully and cost-effectively. This, together with our global footprint, professional and support services and strong partner and developer community makes Magic a prime mobility partner.

Broad Strategic Alliances and Connectivity:
Magic’s close relationships with leading mobile and IT vendors, including Samsung, Oracle, SAP, and salesforce.com, maximize your business opportunities.