Finally, A Mobile Security Solution Designed To Meet The Challenges Of BYOD

Are you in need of a BYOD email security solution?
One that would allow your employees to connect to their corporate email account from their mobile device of choice, using that device’s native email app?
But one that would provide the ultimate security for corporate information, and allow you to control who can consume what information, where, when, on which type of device, etc.?
Oh, and without burdening you with managing devices you don’t own; without forcing you into personal conflicts with users that do not want to cede control of their devices; and without costing you an arm and a leg to purchase or to manage?

Come learn about LetMobile’s Secure Mobile Email solution:

  • It's not an MDM, but rather a gateway solution, so no need to install an agent and manage davices 
  • It's not a container, so users can use the native email app of their device of choice, and as many of them as they like under one license 
  • It provides the highest level of security
    No corporate information is stored on the mobile device. Need not worry if its lost or stolen 
    Powerful access control and data leakage prevention capabilities help you enforce security policies and regulatory compliance requirements 
  • You will always know which information was consumed, by whom, on which device, where, etc. 

LetMobile is the next generation of mobile security solutions, designed especially for new BYOD use cases.

Already have an MDM to protect a subset of users and devices? LetMobile will allow you to conveniently expand your BYOD support to all devices of all users.