Bank of Cyprus UK automatizálta a kötvénykibocsátási folyamatokat a Magic integrációs platformjával

Bank of Cyprus UK

Magic Customers - Bank of Cyprus UK

"Thanks to iBOLT, the workflow efficiency in the issue of bonds has significantly improved."

Sanjay Rajagopal, Programme Manager, Bank of Cyprus UK


Bank of Cyprus is the leading financial services organization in Cyprus, with operations in Cyprus, Greece, United Kingdom, Australia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and the Channel Islands, employing around 7,000 staff worldwide.


To help with the issue of bonds, the Bank’s UK operations recently deployed as its relationship management solution and to help enhance the level of general automation throughout the company. The Bank now needed to eliminate the human errors and lag time caused by lack of synchronization between the current Misys Equation System and the newly acquired system.


iBOLT for quickly created links between the two IT systems, including back-end services, email and website and real-time workflows -  without the need to write intensive code. iBOLT implementation took just 6 days to complete from proof of concept to final testing and deployment.


Bank of Cyprus UK now operates a single, automated data entry system that fully integrates Misys Equation and Workflow efficiency in the issue of bank bonds has improved and the manual duplication and human errors associated with working with two separate IT systems has been eliminated.