Reklám és média

In the advertising and media industries, the ability to present and analyze business data on multiple channels, including mobile and cloud, is particularly advantageous. The world of advertising and media is, by definition, fast-paced and dynamic. Advertising and media companies rely on the smooth and fast flow of information between on-the-go employees, executives, and customers. Advertisers, in particular, require fast and reliable channels of communication with customers to support the creative process and review lifecycles.

System interoperability and the efficient and reliable transfer of analytical data enable advertising and media companies to maintain a real-time 360° view of their customers and respond faster and more effectively to their needs. The ability to bring back-end systems to the front line, whether in the customer’s office or at any remote location, gives advertisers a competitive advantage and improves the level of service they can offer to their customers.

Magic’s smarter technology and fresh approach enable advertising and media companies to adapt easily to new business scenarios and deliver enterprise-grade integration, business process management, and data synchronization solutions over multiple user interface channels and devices.

For example, CBS Outdoor, the UK-based market leader in mobile advertising solutions, used Magic’s application platform to develop an end-to-end campaign registration and management solution that proved adaptable, flexible, and cost-effective, while also opening the window to future changes and cloud-based deployments.