Magic Mobile Accelerator Framework

Faster Time-to-Market


Magic’s Mobile Accelerator Framework includes a set of pre-built customizable components for a wide variety of popular mobile application features, including User Interface and Display, Navigation, Graphs and Charting, Location Services, Synchronization, and Device and Application Auditing.

Designed to work together under the same framework, accelerator components enable Magic developers to create attractive, functional multi-platform mobile applications, faster and with less effort than ever before.

Pre-Built Components Eliminate Guess Work and Speed Development 


Based on mobile user experience best practices, Magic’s reusable accelerator components provide a fresh clean-looking design and follow efficient intuitive flows to let users quickly access the information and functions they want. Because the logic is already built-in, all you need to do is modify fields to create your app.

Magic Mobile Accelerator Framework is part of Magic’s End-to-End Enterprise Mobility Solution, providing a holistic and cost-effective solution for enterprises that want to provide secure, enterprise-grade mobile apps for customers, partners and employees. 

A sampling of these customizable components are shown below:


  • User Experience

    Pre-built templates including screen objects and functional flows make it easy for developers to deliver the optimal Ux for their end users. Templates are built with best practices making it easy for users to sort, filter and access the information they need. Developers just map their data and customize the look and feel.

  • Application Panel

    Quickly create attractive tile-based menus. Simply customize the number of tiles, text, links (inside or outside the app), images, colors, and more.

  • Log-in

    Quickly create intuitive login screens with single sign-on support. Simply identify the verification database and login frequency and customize the desired look and feel.

  • Charts

    Easily present your data in attractive easy-to-understand charts. Simply define your data and customize the many display options including chart type, colors, background, legend text, and location, etc.

  • Location Services

    Now you can easily provide a variety of location-based services from simple mapping and directions to desired locations, to lists of specific entities within a specified radius and more via a pre-built connection to Google Maps.

  • Sync

    This tool makes it easy for you to overcome the complexity of client and server synchronization for offline mobile development. Predefined options and utilities make it easy for you to make the best and safest synchronization decisions for your specific needs.

  • Auditing

    Easily create an audit trail with the information you need for display and analysis. All you have to do is define the actions and device info you want tracked.