Magic Software’s Latest uniPaaS Version Now with .NET Integration for PC and Mobile RIA Clients

  • Or Yehuda, Israel
  • June 22, 2009

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. (NASDAQ: MGIC), a provider of application platforms andbusiness and process integration solutions, today announced the release of the latest version of the uniPaaS application platform, now with .NET integration for Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Clients and equivalent support for mobile devices. Software vendors and Enterprise customers can save valuable resources using uniPaaS’ metadata engine – a ready-made business application engine – to bypass the intensive .NET code-writing stage and quickly design and deploy rich internet business applications for any Windows client.

Darran Neary, Technical Director of FactoryMaster, a Magic Software customer in the UK comments, “uniPaaS is now the ultimate developer’s tool for building and deploying rich business applications. Its use of fast metadata saved us from intensive code writing; its end-to-end language shortened and simplified the entire development effort; and its support for multiple deployment modes makes our application fully adaptable to future business needs. The addition of .NET integration and mobile device support is now the icing on the cake.”

uniPaaS is an application platform enabling Enterprises and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to deliver business applications that minimize project risk and associated costs. It also enables organizations to deploy business applications, from the same code-base, in any mode including Full Client, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), mobile and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

With .NET integration for PC’s and mobile devices, uniPaaS RIA enables Enterprise IT departments and ISVs to create rich internet business applications that maximize the capabilities of the Client user interface while providing complete connectivity to external devices and easier re-use of existing .NET code and assemblies.

The new version of uniPaaS makes Windows Mobile access to RIA and SaaS as easy as Desktop access. This allows organizations to improve application availability for employees working out of the office. Mobile access also allows users in fields such as logistics where technicians use hand-held computing devices, to directly access their business applications and be constantly connected to the organization’s back-end systems.

“With the new 1.8 version now leveraging broad .NET power, the uniPaaS platform proves its resilience and adaptability to technological change. Magic Software applications created at any point in the past, whether for DOS or early versions of Windows, can now be deployed on modern .NET supporting systems such as Vista and Windows Mobile devices. With uniPaaS, applications developed today will continue to deliver value in five, ten, or even fifteen year’s time. Our customers will be able to take full advantage of the technological opportunities that will exist by then,” said Avikam Perry, CTO and VP Products for Magic Software.

uniPaaS V1.8 is available immediately. For more information call Magic Software.

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