Service Delivery Partners (SDPs)

Service Partners (system integrators [SIs] and technology consultants) have the resources and expertise to design, implement, host, and manage Magic solutions for our mutual customers on a regional, national, or global scale.

Magic works in close collaboration with our Service Partners, providing the right combination of know-how, business insight, services, consulting, and technology that you require to respond effectively to your customers’ integration project needs, while at the same time enabling your business to grow and prosper.

Our comprehensive, unified technology stack, comprising the Magic xpa application platform and the Magic xpi business integration platform, offers advanced business integration and process management capabilities that enable:

  • Rapid project development and deployment
  • Lower implementation and maintenance costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction

How to Become a Magic Service Partner?

You can choose to join the specific Magic Partner Program best suited to your size and markets. To become a Magic Service Partner or to request more information about Magic Partner Programs, contact us now at one of our offices or submit the online form.