Get IT Together with CRM Integration

Instead of bridging the integration gap with a sea of programmers, implement a proper middleware solution that can automate your exchange of data across systems


Bring your back-end systems to the front, quickly leveraging your existing legacy investments to easily streamline your day-to-day business processes


By reducing multiple data entry points, time spent finding information, and handling conflicting data, you’ll experience a significant reduction in costs


The 360-degree view of customer information enhances the customer journey, assuring better customer service and leading to better customer retention

Control Your Data

Data is king, but it needs to be reigned in. CRM integration is a great way to get control of your data and reign it in.

Using the CRM system as an enterprise portal, integrating all front- and back-end systems with business process automation, is essential to high productivity. However, such complex tasks must be performed using a tool that enables risk-free, easy implementation and robust process execution. That’s where Magic xpi Integration Platform comes in.


CRM and ERP Integration

A real-time CRM-ERP integration provides a single source for all of today’s modular systems, including sales, operations, service, ordering, delivery, analytics, reports and more. This integration provides accurate relevant data when it’s needed most, for all customer-facing employees resulting in improved customer service. Magic xpi’s built-in and certified connectors can help you seamlessly integrate your Sugar CRM with your SAP ERP or your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your Oracle JD Edwards ERP.


Marketing Automation and CRM Integration

By integrating your marketing and CRM systems, for example, Marketo and Sugar CRM, you can synchronize your Marketing and Sales teams to efficiently manage and track your customers.

Our customers say it best:

“With Magic xpi we were able to quickly and easily integrate our new CRM application of SugarCRM with JD Edwards. We now have a central integration solution that will make our IT viable for the future.”

Klaus Hoeling, Director Group IT, Sennheiser

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